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Frequently asked questions

Who can use a surveyor?

Individuals (30%) but also professionals, construction companies, local authorities and public developers (20%) can appeal to a surveyor, a diverse and varied customer base that allows it to stabilize and renew book control whatever the situation.

How many there of surveyors in France?

1850 surveyors carry everywhere on French territory. 9% are women (steadily increasing) and 30 surveyors are employees authorized status since March 2012. There are 1260 firms surveyors, mostly less than 6 employees.

What training does it take to become surveyor?

The conventional route of access to become a surveyor is to prepare an engineering degree in one of the three schools, ESGT (Le Mans), INSA (Strasbourg) or ESTP (Cachan) and then do an internship 2 years by surveyor’s office and take courses in parallel the course. Another avenue open to master university graduates in some disciplines and untrained engineers in one of the three schools, as well as persons showing a number of years of professional practice in surveyor’s office, is that of DPLG land surveyor. Applicants must then complete an internship 2 years surveyor’s office and follow parallel courses further than those prescribed in engineers from 3 schools and support a thesis before a jury.

How much is a boundary?

Surveyors are free to set their fees by agreement with their clients. There is no schedule for the profession. so prices may vary from one firm to another. They are usually calculated based on an hourly rate, which can differ depending on the complexity of the task of demarcation. It is the customer to consult several surveyors for they provide a quote him allowing him to compare prices. Next surveyors, the nature and importance of the mission, these quotes are free or paid.