About us

About us

Geoperspectives is an engineering company at the confluence of the Art and Law, a platform bringing together the talents working in the heart of the land and property transactions, while maintaining the independence and objectivity of the expert. We grow the demand and support your projects to the extent of your requirement, so you can mobilize your energy on the essential: your trades.

Our values

Our values


At the border of legal and technical specialties is Géoperspectives leader in Land and Real Estate Engineering.



We must be exemplary both for our customers but also for our employees: training, listening and personal implications.



Our teams are mobilized immediately on your projects anywhere in France or Europe. We offer a guarantee of confidence.

Our business core

Our business core

Land Division, co-ownership, volume, planning law and real estate, topography and real estate diagnoses, Géoperspectives employees involved in the Engineering Properties and Land Records, securing special operations as real estate player First Prev any plan.
We capture and exploiting field data using advanced technologies.

Member of the Order of Surveyors

Member of the Order

Geoperspectives and his team make every expertise to perfection. That is why that as a regulated profession, we integrate the Order of Surveyors-Experts, which includes the best surveyors France.

Alain Pape
President of Geoperspectives


Eric Dauzac
Géomètre-Expert associé